Abode Discover, the automated canvassing tool for estate agents

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Grow Revenue

The more prospective vendors you target and engage, the more you'll convert. With Abode Discover, you can automate the time consuming process involved in canvassing, engage more vendors and ultimately improve your return on investment.

Build your brand

Your brand plays a key factor when vendors choose agencies to sell their home. but if they've never heard of you, chances are they'll select your competition. Drive greater customer engagement through ongoing communication and increase brand awareness.

Reduce costs

The current cost of a 2nd class stamp it 58p. we'll print, pack and post your letters at 59p each or do it yourself. Abode Discover cuts the time you spend on canvassing. Why not reallocate resources to focus on other high impact areas of your business.

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Fully Automated

Minimum effort, maximum results


Customise letter templates

Dedicated App

Navigate to new opportunities

GDPR Compliant

All data is from the public domain

Key Information

OTM, price reductions, sold, withdrawals

Quality Data

Up to date and relevant

Competitive Intelligence

Know your market and the players

Print & Post

59p per letter or do it yourself FREE

How it works

Step 1

Select your postcode sectors

Step 2

Create your custom letters

Step 3

Print and send to homeowners

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